Lindsey Darden – Biography

Lindsey Darden has been writing since she was thirteen years old, but fell in love with the idea of being published after stumbling upon Sex & the City around the same age. For her, it wasn’t the loss of innocence brought about by one Miss Carrie Bradshaw, but the idea that a woman, a laptop, and a mind full of ideas was all it could take to gain some attention in a bustling city such as New York. Unfortunately, however jokes and workable fiction are somewhat based on reality, Lindsey grew to find out that it is really a mere percentage. She would also eventually grow to learn that not every man keeps popping up a la Aidan and Mr. Big, but that’s a story for a completely different profile.

Coming from a family of idealists and relative starters, Lindsey knew she had to take some initiative to be more than the average blog-wielder. Taking to the interwebs one evening in 2008, she found the right writing opportunity in the form of LA Cityzine, a Los Angeles-centered online publication. She contributed to the literary/cultural events and transportation sections of the website before moving on to become resident album reviewer (among other designations) at music website, part of the uCrave network.

Lindsey has designs to one day be an elementary school teacher, taking time during summers and winters to travel and write. As much as she loves Los Angeles, she does realize that her backburner dream to contribute to New York Magazine might require a temporary change of address. Until then, she happily writes whenever and wherever she can on whatever topic flies across her desk. When she is not writing (a rare instance), she is either zoning out to her iPod, ohnotheydidnt, or an absurdly giant mug of black tea – often simultaneously.