Matt Hansen – Biography

Matthew James Hansen is an internationally recognized author, expert motorcycle rider, highly respected surgeon, and has been the inspiration for every single action movie ever made from 1980 and onwards. Only one of these previous statements is actually correct, but wouldn’t that be something if they were all true.

Having lived all over the United States, Matt’s story is one of both humble beginnings and traveling destinies. His younger years were spent on the basketball court trying to emulate Michael Jordan and desperately wanting to make it to the NBA. But life as it turns out is more like baseball than basketball; as a junior in high school he was thrown a curveball and discovered theater. From then on he was determined to make a name for himself in the entertainment business. Following a few theater appearances and a short stint as a film extra, it became clear that success would not find him in the small town of Kennesaw, GA. So on the insistence of his father and with little funds available, he packed his bags and headed west.

West, as it turned out, ended up being Texas, and full time employment by the United States Air Force. After basic training, his first duty station was that of Minot AFB in North Dakota. It was there where he found a passion for motorcycles that is still very much alive today. “I ended up blowing my entire military savings on bikes and bike related adventures. It really wasn’t a bad way to spend $20,000 if you ask me.” After his military commitment ended, plans were put in motion to resume chasing his entertainment dreams in Los Angeles. So after a 2006 motorcycle accident that left him without a vehicle but $1000 richer, he boarded a plane and headed for the City of Angels.

Not one to sit still, Matt hit the ground running and quickly expanded his small universe. Stand-up comedy, a love for writing entertainment reviews, and days spent on Film and TV sets encompassed the first few years of learning the Hollywood scene. However, a phone call from the military in 2009 would slightly alter Matt’s entertainment plans yet again. Because of his military service, he was now eligible for full educational benefits. A desire to increase his technical film knowledge led Matt to the Los Angeles Film School. It was there where he discovered a passion and ability for directing, and in winter of 2010 graduated with a focus on maintaining a presence in front and behind the camera.

Matt is now working regularly in the entertainment industry, and is currently pitching a reality series to numerous cable networks, which features the biggest names in movies, music and sports.