Suit Day

I’m not feeling so hot this morning, so I’m ditching work. It’s probably a good day to do so since we have VIPs visiting and the company sent out a memo, commanding everyone to wear business professional attire. That means full-on suits. I’m not opposed to wearing suits, mind you, I guess I’m just not in the mood to be stuck in one all day at the office. No, no, that’s not it. The truth is that I’m getting (if not already am) fat and my suit pants aren’t very accommodating to my substantial waistline. So there you have it: confessions of a fat man.

Anyway, this weekend I went out and dropped some cash on a new flatbed scanner so that I could scan some of my old sketches to put up online. The scanner isn’t too shabby.

Now I still need to clean it up around the sides, but at the very least the wrinkles in the paper don’t show up like they did in the photo version of this. Anyway, I’ll let you all know when the Artwork section is up and running.

More soon.