‘TRON’ Tuesday: Week 1

The 10-week global countdown to the highly anticipated Tron: Legacy began this week with its first of “TRON Tuesdays”. As a delicious morsel to whet eager viewers’ appetites, Disney has released a sleek image of the electronica group Daft Punk standing before the digital grid of the TRON cyberverse (see above).

For audiophiles that can’t wait to hear what the soundtrack will sound like, 90 seconds of Daft Punk’s “The Game Has Changed is available on the official Facebook page. The Tron: Legacy soundtrack will be available on December 7.

Finally, for those that simply cannot wait to see this movie and must have footage to devour with their eyes, free tickets will be available for the “TRON Night: An IMAX 3D Experience” event, which will give audiences a 20-minute sneak peek at Tron: Legacy on October 28. Check out the official TRON Facebook page for more information.

TRON: Legacy opens on December 17. Check back at Working Author for more coverage!