Courtney Ramsey – Biography

Courtney Danielle Ann Ramsey grew up in a small town in Colorado with two very loving grandparents. She was raised in a Catholic family; church on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday of every week and Sunday school every Sunday night. Growing up, education was important to her family but not as important as the religious distractions that always seemed to take precedence. Upon entering middle school, she discovered other things to occupy herself in place of the too frequent church involvement, such as joining the choir. Having some sense of music prior to joining the choir (playing the organ for Sunday mass) her love for music blossomed with age.

It wasn’t until later in her education that she discovered her love of writing. Colorado high schools require a minimum of 4 credits to graduate, something most young adults don’t look forward to, but Courtney soon found out that those 4 years of English classes helped shape her voice and give her a firm understanding of how words work and how impactful they can be. When she finally moved on to college, she declared her major to be English and spent time writing for the school paper and winning a decent amount of awards with her creative Non-Fiction and Fiction work.

Courtney loves the impact words can have on people. The way one sentence is structured can change the reader’s view on an entire subject is the reason she writes. Although she isn’t the most experienced of writers she feels that she has a voice that many people will like to read. Having a deep love for music also, she obsesses over pop culture writing. Music reviews, album reviews, artist interviews and concert reviews are just a few things that have attracted her over the years.

She decided only recently to move to California to try and submerge herself in the world she wants to write about. Having youth and an optimistic idea of opportunity on her side, she is taking on the world!