Megan Bianco – Biography

Megan Bianco has always had a love and passion for film and the Hollywood scene. Whether it be viewing Disney movies at home or in theaters, or watching old MGM musicals on VHS at her grandmother’s house, there was always something on the screen for her to marvel over as a child. By the time she was a teenager, obsessions with Tim Burton and Woody Allen films began her interest in how cinema works behind the scenes and the process of movie making.

Though she experimented with acting, singing and dancing early on, Megan realized her true calling was writing while she was in high school. As a student in the film department of the California Conservatory of the Arts she learned how to write her own screenplays, film and edit her own features and present her work to the public in film festivals. An avid journal user, Megan wrote (and still does) every day even if it was just documenting her day and life tactics. During all this, her fascination with film history and trivia was at a high, and helped her realize the possibility of not only writing for movies as a screenwriter, but also as a critic. Roger Ebert, Molly Haskell and Ben Mankiewicz being some of the more famous critics she paid attention to and aspired to be like.

While majoring in film criticism and screenwriting at CalState Northridge, Megan was free to advance her talent and love of film and writing. It was then that she also began writing for Picket Fence Media as the local movie reviewer for the San Clemente Times, the Capistrano Dispatch and the Dana Point Times. She has been an avid contributor for the publication for over three years since 2010 and also practiced more online writing movie reviewing for in Fall 2013. In between viewing movies for her reviewing assignments online and in print, Megan still takes time daily to catch up on her own DVDs and TCM viewings at home.