Mike Anders – Biography

Being a cinephile for as long as he can remember, Mike’s passion has always been for film. In fact one of his earliest memories is a blurry VHS Raiders of the Lost Ark’s melting Nazis, his own screaming and his father laughing hysterically. Mike grew up in a small town in Illinois, over three hours away from Chicago. With little to do, he spent all of his free time going to the movies and playing as many video games as he could. Realizing that his passion for watching movies could lead to something more, he attended film school at Southern Illinois University.

After graduating with a focus in Screenwriting, he was given the opportunity to intern with the AFI in the summer of 2008. An instant love for the culture, industry and weather of Los Angeles has kept him there ever since. Currently he works for a very successful post-production company in Hollywood. His passion for the movies has only grown larger and he loves watching movies and writing whenever humanly possible.

Being fortunate to enough to live in LA and be gainfully employed has given him the opportunity to pursue his own dreams. Mike would like nothing more than to be a successful screenwriter and see his own stories brought to life by the extremely gifted current generation of filmmakers.

He also prides himself on his love for truly terrible films and video games. He can quote most of The Fast and the Furious from memory and still plays Ice Hockey for the original NES obsessively. He also enjoys arguing about movies and his favorite film of all time is Ghostbusters. Most of all, Mike wants to see the Cubs win the World Series in his lifetime.

He’s thrilled to have the honor of his writing being put out there for people to enjoy and welcomes all forms of feedback. He also wants you to know if you ever feel like getting a beer and debating whether Deckard is or isn’t a Replicant you can call him anytime.