Nick Nordlinger – Biography

Nick Nordlinger has written since he was four years old. His first story, entitled North of the Year,a grammatical mess of tenses, was about two dragons who were betrayed by an evil slime monster. He wrote many more stories, including two plays in elementary school which were performed by his second and third grade classes respectively, as well as the more grammatically sound picture book Jimet: The White Warlock. In middle school such directors as David Lynch and Richard Linklater inspired Nick to start writing screenplays, and then authors like William S. Burroughs, J.D. Salinger and William Faulkner prompted him to write two novels in high school.

Nick attended college at UC Davis where he majored in English, and wrote an original Radio Horror show for KDVS radio in Davis called Evening Shadows.

But Nick is not just a writer; he is probably one of the biggest movie nerds you’ll ever meet. He knows more about movies than anyone he’s ever met, except for his younger brother. He makes it a point to watch 200 movies a year, and always has an opinion about every single one. He rates movies on a 10-point scale, but never gives a 10, because if a movie was that good it would surely have driven him insane.

His favorite films are Ai No Mukidashi, Performance, Liquid Sky, Satantango, A Nightmare on Elm Street (the original), El Topo, and Stalker to name just a few.