Summer J. Holliday – Biography

Summer was born and raised in Chicago. Her daily life was spent walking the distance from the lakefront and the Museum of Science and Industry. Natural Beauty and education have been her playing fields since early childhood. Her career interests began in the natural sciences, with Summer evolving to appreciate engineering. Good with her hands and possessing a penchant for protocol and accuracy, it seemed inevitable that she would live her life in a laboratory.

When it became evident that her math skills failed to suit those required of an engineer, Summer decided to join the Secret Service, exhibiting a knack for agility and composure. Of course, a technical matter kept her from being the most suitable candidate. So, yet again, it was necessary to pursue an outlet that would feed and clothe her.

Having always cultured an interest in the fine arts, Summer turned her hobbies into income. A classically trained singer and dancer, she has performed on stage and screen as well as having been photographed and interviewed for print. None of this quite equated the funds to prosper, let alone survive. Enter: the day job.

Ms. Holliday moved to Los Angeles, having never experienced a year without life-threatening heat or blood-freezing cold, it was time for a change. Nearly five years, two cars, twelve movie studios and three apartments later she is poised to share every facet of her intrinsic view and exceptional take on this human experience via film.

Being paid exceptionally well and receiving critical acclaim as well as worldwide infamy are possible side effects that she has come to accept…all on the contingency that she win three Oscars in one night.