Timothy I. Edmond – Biography

Timothy Isaiah Edmond is an artist at heart. Through a kaleidoscope of life experience, he has learned never to lose sight of his purpose and to always keep his heart and mind open.

Having graduated with a BA in Film and Media Studies from Stanford in 2008, he has had the good fortune of interning for Roger and Julie Corman, BAFTA winning-production company Point du Jour, and fashion-bible WWD, and has contributed to programs that have been seen on such networks as Syfy, ARTE, and France 5, and screened at such festivals as Cannes. He also continues to do freelance notes and coverage.

Timothy loves movies and good stories in general, and his favorites run the gamut and are too numerous to name. An aspiring screenwriter, he has recently completed a short script, Trompe L’Oeil, set in a Christian Conservative milieu and centering on a closeted man who kills his wife’s lover after a series of events challenge his straight identity, and he’s currently revising an original pilot script, Sexile, about a straight guy and gay guy forced to live together.

Timothy believes that the work of the artist, writers included, is to push boundaries and contend with the fringes and the depths of the human experience. Though drowning is always a risk and swimming is always exhausting, he believes we must never tip-toe around where it is safe.

By no means an elitist, Timothy has eclectic film tastes and sensibilities that can be traced back to the only 3 movies he had to watch from ages 0-3: Die Hard, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and the movie musical Little Shop of Horrors. He feels that much of his life can be explained as stemming from early exposure to excessive violence, cartoon centerfolds, and talking plants.

He is thrilled to be contributing to Working Author and to have found a friend and compatriot in Editor-in-Chief René Garcia, Jr.