Pressure, pressure, pressure.

I told myself that I would get a blog post out once a day. It’s good for the ol’ writing skills and fun for search engines looking for new content. But here I am with 10–scratch that–9 minutes to midnight with nothing to show for it. What was the delay? A video game. Meh, what the hell? Let’s talk video games.

So, I am a PC gamer, but by no means do I consider myself to be elite in any way. Scratch that, too. I kind of do feel elite, actually. Elite compared to a console gamer, anyway. You think about it. I consider PC gamers as the muscle car builders of the gaming world. I can customize every nuance of my machine, tweaking this or that to finely tune my rig into a pixel pounding machine. Throw in hacks, mods and user-made patches and it’s hard for me to consider ever being any other kind of gamer as my main role.

With that said, I still respect consoles and console gamers. In fact, when I can afford it, I will definitely invest some cash in a Wii and then migrate to the other machines.

Bleh, I’ve got more on this topic, but it’s midnight and that’s all I could muster in the time allotted.