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Aggressive New Year’s Writing Resolutions

If what I heard on the radio today is correct, then tonight’s full moon is the brightest the moon will be in 2009. I don’t typically make New Year’s Resolutions, but on account of the rare moon I’m feeling particularly bright about my writing career, so I thought I’d layout my writing plans for 2009.

1. Blog Daily

I can already feel that this is one of those resolutions that will be broken fast and easily. Quite frankly, I just don’t think I have enough material to write about. Correction: I’m either not inspired to write about certain things or too inspired to half-ass a blog post about them. So I’ll be paralyzed at my computer either trying to write something worth reading or trying to truncate an otherwise excellent post because I don’t have the time to write it to the length it deserves. Both situations result in zero writing. Oh well. It wouldn’t be a resolution if it wasn’t challenging.

2. Write One Movie Review Per Week

This one is much easier to do. Since I don’t have TV service most of my entertainment comes from Netflix’d movies. I’ll often stream them over the Web while I chow down on a pot of Ramen noodles. There are two things that prevent me from writing a review a week now. The first is a time issue. I don’t have any. The second is that there are a lot of mediocre, uninspired films out there. Many times I just don’t feel strongly one way or another about them. It’s hard to have an opinion about something you don’t care about.

3. Write One Restaurant Review Per Month

While I haven’t officially severed ties with IE Weekly – the regional publication that printed my restaurant reviews – I haven’t written for them for several months now. The Editor-in-Chief hasn’t contacted me so I figure they don’t miss my articles. Also, I don’t think my style really suited them, so it’s probably for the best for both parties. Still, I’d like to experience new places just for myself. Sure, I won’t have the clout that a writer attached to a publication has, but that shouldn’t prevent me from writing a little something for Working Author.

4. Write One Stage Review Per Quarter

I don’t get out to the theater much and tickets can be pricey, so one review every three months seems like a fair pace. I don’t really keep up with live theater performances, so if you’re in Southern California and know some good shows, go ahead and send them my way. Thanks in advance.

Considering Buzzine occasionally throws a special assignment my way and simply knowing my penchant for slacking off and playing video games, this is actually a pretty tall order. I’m worried that if I’m able to keep up with the workload that the quality will just be garbage. In time, my hope is that I’ll train my mind to churn out higher quality in less time. We’ll see.