‘Birds of Steel’ (2012) Ships for Xbox 360 and PS3

Experience some of the most intense aerial combat with Birds of Steel, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.’s World War II flight simulator, now shipping to retail stores. Birds of Steel is available for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 home consoles at the suggested retail price of $39.99.

In Birds of Steel’s unique multiplayer features, players can support cooperative missions with friends, or take-off in the versus arena with up to 16 other pilots to see who really owns the skies. Pilots can participate in team death matches, cooperative strike campaigns, “Capture the Airfield” missions or even tournament play (requires Xbox Live and online functionality). Aerial aviators can now take to the skies rewriting history in the most faithfully recreated World War II simulation game ever created!

Key Features:

  • Travel to 16 different world locations with hundreds of procedural missions, including 20 historical operations.
  • Choose from 100 historically famous aircraft that each feature realistic damage in hundreds of different areas.
  • Fly through realistic environments with varying weather conditions and time changes.
  • Enjoy different flight controls, including arcade, realistic and simulation for different challenges.
  • Customize your plane with different paint schemes and insignias to take the World War II experience to a whole new level.