Challen Cates Fights Cyber-Bullying

In today’s technologically attached society, the virtual world is just as influential on a child’s life as the real world. As such, children can easily become the targets of senseless hatred by online bullies who hide behind anonymous identities and Web sites. This phenomenon is known as cyber-bullying and is a quickly growing problem affecting more and more children, driving some to desperate measures such as suicide. Thankfully, there are people and organizations that are standing up for victims and standing against cyber-bullies.

Actress Challen Cates joins the fight against cyber-bullying with Say It 2 My Face, a campaign against cyber-bullying and a protest against anonymous Web sites that foster hate. Cates wants to inform people about this issue facing so many children today and is advocating people to pledge not to cyber-bully. Readers will recognize Cates from her numerous roles on film and television programs, including appearances in Desperate Housewives, The Dukes of Hazzard IICriminal MindsCSI: NYMurder 101Monk and Lifetime’s Missing. Currently she plays the role of “Mrs. Knight,” mother to reluctant boy band member “Kendall” on Big Time Rush, one of Nickelodeon’s newest breakout hit T.V. shows.

The Say It 2 My Face Campaign was created by Taylor Audette, a University of Southern California college student, in response to the adverse effects that transpire from cyber-bullying and the demoralizing effects caused by some anonymous Web sites.

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