Cocktail Recipes for Halloween and Fall

If you’re tired of getting the same old cocktails when you go out, why not change things up with the changing seasons and order one of these excellent and creative cocktails? Our friends at TY KU Asian Wine & Spirits, Vision Vodka and Alma De Agave Tequila have put together a list of recipes that will have your head buzzing and your taste buds tingling. Or skip the bar scene altogether and pick up any of these fine spirits on the way home and make these drinks yourself. There’s nothing like a satisfying drink to keep you warm on a chilly fall evening.

Sake & Spice

1.5 oz Vision Vodka
1.5 oz TY KU Sake
2 oz lychee juice
1 Tbsp honey
1 dash of cinnamon

Pumpkin Martini

2 oz TY KU Sake
1 oz vanilla rum
1/2 oz pumpkin syrup
whipped cream
cinnamon stick garnish

Green Goblin

2 oz ALMA Silver
2 oz TY KU Sake
1 stem lemongrass
1 sprig mint
pinch group ginger
3/4 oz water
1 oz soda water
cut lemongrass into pieces
muddle with mint

Cran-Apple Cobbler

TY KU Sake
TY KU Liqueur
cranberry juice
apple cider

Caramel Appletini

2 oz TY KU Liqueur
1 oz butterscotch schnapps
caramel candy garnish
green apple slice

Bloody Geisha

3 oz tomato juice
1.5 oz TY KU Sake
pinch of wasabi
dash of soy sauce
squeeze of lime
shake hard over ice
celery stalk garnish

Fuji Apple

2 oz TY KU Sake
1 oz Captain Morgan Spice Rum
1/2 oz apple juice

TY KU Toddy

2 oz TY KU Sake
1 oz apricot brandy
1/2 oz fresh lemon juice