Corinne Bailey Rae in Concert

I’m happy to announce that I’m spending my Friday evening watching Corinne Bailey Rae perform for Jimmy Kimmel Live! She (or her management) posted a bulletin on MySpace last week urging Angelinos to sign up for free tickets. Since I love Bailey Rae’s music I had to try. I was taken to a site called 1Iota which I assume is a free ticket service for different live shows that need to pack in the audiences. I’m not sure how many songs Bailey Rae is going to perform or what will be on her set list, but even if it’s just a couple of songs off her first album I’ll be happy.

My hope is that I’ll be able to slip her (or her management) my card and score an interview. Cross your fingers!

Also, I may have some time to kill before and after the show so if you’re near the Hollywood and Highland Center tonight, drop me a line.