Current Projects: Update 4

It’s been quiet for a while about my projects, but that’s mainly due to inactivity. I’ve made some progress here and there — more progress in certain areas than in others — so I thought I’d keep everyone apprised.

Carrie Graber Art Book: I thought this was a dead project, but lo and behold! It was raised from the dead like Lazarus after additional budget was given the go ahead. So Carrie forwarded the manuscript in its latest incarnation to me and, oh my, how it had changed. Honestly, I’m not sure what’s harder: writing something from scratch or editing someone else’s work to make it sound good? In any event, the short bio is as readable as I could make it in the short time I was given. As far as I’m told, the book should hit store shelves early next year. I believe it will also have Carrie’s art featured in it, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Epic Short: Funny enough, I’m not sure that I’ve mentioned this project before. My friend, Danny Boy, has a life-goal of becoming a film director. After shooting a music video for an unsigned artist — which looks pretty good, by the way — his next project is to put together a short film. He found a script he liked and had the screenwriter do a couple of revisions. Afterwards, he sent it to me to make it good. I’m always impressed by what people think is good dialog and even more impressed by what they think should be described in the exposition. Anyway, I gave it the ol’ magic touch and now it’s probably one draft away from being golden.

We were shooting for a November shoot date, but I was just informed the other day that the project is being pushed back until the spring. So until…let’s say…March, I probably won’t have anything new to report.

One Day: I’m still trying to put together a crew that can shoot my zombie short. I met a horror film director through Facebook who liked the script and is willing to shoot it, but he’s gotta’ find out if his feature film project is going to go through or fall through. The likely outcome for my short is that I’ll film it myself when I finally have the means to do so years from now. Alas. I’m very happy with my site, but there are a few things that I’d like to improve. So while I’m not posting as much as I should, know that I’m still here, just not in a visible way. There’s going to be a few layout changes and I’m working on the Artwork section. Hopefully, it’ll be ready by Christmas, but no promises.

Anyway, I’ve gotta’ get jammin’ on some movie reviews for Buzzine.

Thanks for reading.