So as many of you who are Facebook friends with me know, I had a moment of weakness this past Thursday when a project I was working on didn’t go in the direction that I was hoping it would. I posted something that was a little more dramatic than I’m wont to do and it rightfully concerned a lot of people. I thank everyone for their kind thoughts and support, but in light of the situation, I feel that I’ve made two mistakes. First, I slapped together a horribly disjointed blog post to sort out my feelings at an inconvenient hour. I got so lost in trying to grab every moment in my history that was related in order to make sure readers understood the gravity of the situation that the post is probably incoherent. Second, I think this site has morphed into a place that isn’t appropriate for such personal feelings.

This site has come a long way since I launched it in 2007 as a writer’s blog. At the time, I had made a conscious decision to blog mainly about the entertainment industry and my journey through it. All of my unrelated personal anecdotes would be placed on a separate blog. As it turns out, I never did quite find the time for the personal stuff. In any event, it’s been a long trip since the site’s meager beginnings and now that it’s looking more “professional” than ever, I’m thinking that posts like the one I cobbled together last week are a bit alien here. As some readers have let me know in the past, a good portion of my popularity is the honesty found in my blog posts, so I won’t say that I’ll cleave this section from the site entirely, but I think I need to blog smarter. As such, it’s doubtful you’ll find any blog posts highlighted at the top of the front page.

Now, to clarify the post: I think that many people react self-destructively to personally bad news. To a large degree, I’m one of those people. Since I don’t drink, smoke, snort, inject or drop, writing is how I cope, and I will do it at any time of the day or night. I don’t throw all caution to the wind, however, and if I have responsibilities in the morning, then my writing can feel rushed. I haven’t gone back to read last week’s blog post to see if that’s the case, but it definitely felt rushed when writing it. I’ll try to keep it together better next time something horribly disappointing happens to me.

Finally, I’d like to end on a grateful note. I am a very cynical person, so I was pleasantly surprised when so many people reached out to me. Some I never thought would interact with me beyond a business capacity and others I never thought would interact with me – period. I was quite moved when people offered to take me out to dinner or coffee or just made themselves available for a chat. Their actions have restored a bit of my faith in humanity.