‘Drunk Talk’ Opening June 6!

Film is wonderful, but having a performance acted in front of you in the flesh cannot be beat. Having experienced theater as an audience member and as an actor, I can tell you that there’s a particular thrill that comes with a live performance being perfectly in tune with the audience. In effect, the audience almost becomes another cast member. Drunk Talk takes that phenomenon to another level.

From the Press Release:

May 24, 2010, Hollywood, CA – DRUNK TALK, the new full-immersion, live comedy production from Thomas Blake, the lauded co-producer/director of Los Angeles’ absurdist Point Break LIVE!, and Lance Whinery, who has written for the hit CBS sitcom Rules of Engagement, opens for eight performances at The Dragonfly beginning Sunday night, at 8 p.m., June 6, 2010.  DRUNK TALK transforms a real bar into an interactive, high-spirited comedy event, involving the entire audience, that’s guaranteed to keep you laughing… and guessing.

Enter the world of McSwiggin’s Tavern, where you’re not just an audience member, but a cast member playing the part of an unsuspecting patron subjected to the antics of the drinking establishment’s regular cast of zany characters as they try and cope with the looming reality that their favorite local bar is closing down after tonight.  Now, with no place to drink up and chew over their aspirations, will they be forced to actually get out there and live their lives?  Or can the bar be saved?

Blake states, “Imagine defusing the decadent, bleak edginess of Barfly with hilarious non-stop, booze-infused ‘bluer’ witticisms and punch lines ala Cheers, shaken with spontaneous and unsuspecting adlibbed hilarity of Tony and Tina’s Wedding, and stirred with the uproarious energy level of Point Break LIVE! A guy walks into a bar… who knows what can happen next?  Expect the unexpected.  Hilarity ensues.  That’s DRUNK TALK.

I caught Blake’s Point Break LIVE! and it was a fantastic show — even if it did cost me one of my favorite jackets. Looking at the cast it appears that PBL member Tobias Jelinek will have a part in the show as well as other industry veterans, like Danielle Kasen (SNL writer and cast member in LOST at Da Jersey Shore), Kim Estes (House, M.D.), Steven Sears and David Alfano from LA’s Second City, Greg Hoyt from LA’s UCB, and stand-up comedian and writer Lance Whinery.

Here are the details if you’d like to check out the show:

Where:  The Dragonfly, 6510 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90038
When:  Opening June 6, 2010 and running every Sunday night at 8 p.m., (except July 4), to August 1, 2010
Cost:  $15
For more info:  Please visit the event website at www.drunktalktheshow.com

Look for our review soon!