‘Elsword’ Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that one year has already passed since the manga-themed massively multiplayer online game Elsword exploded onto the scene. Yet, it’s true and developer/publisher Kill3rCombo is commemorating the achievement by rewarding players with new game additions as well as real-life prizes. Five players will win a custom-skinned Nintendo 3DS by simply claiming a “3DS Raffle Ticket” from the in-game mailbox and playing as usual, beginning on Friday, May 4 through Sunday, May 6. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, May 9.

Anniversary in-game festivities are live now and will continue through Tuesday, May 8. All-new features include:

  • Anniversary Cubes – Coupons will be awarded to players who craft special Anniversary Cubes which contain special rewards, including rare Ariel Magic Amulets!
  • Anniversary Cake – Now available for purchase, cakes provide 50 percent HP Recovery and Cure Effects.
  • Limited time Anniversary Coin – The exclusive Anniversary Coin accessory can be purchased from Luriel, and will only be available during the event.
  • Play time bonus – Players who are logged in for more than one hour will receive special rewards, such as Accessory Cubes, Ariel’s Ice Burner and Fluorite Ore Exchange Tickets.
  • Increased drop rate – Starting on Friday, May 4 through the weekend, there will be a two time drop rate increase and EXP during specific times.

“As with any new business venture in North America, we were both apprehensive and hopeful that online gamers would receive Elsword as well as audiences overseas have,” said Ben Colayco, CEO of Kill3rCombo. “Now, as we celebrate Elsword’s first anniversary, we are proud that the game continues to grow and has found its niche within the gaming community as the recipient of the 2011 OnRPG Online Gaming Awards Best Side-Scroller.”

Happy birthday Elsword!

For more information on Elsword anniversary events, or to play the game, please visit: http://www.elswordonline.com/.