Hardcore Pawn (Season 6) Premiere Review

Hardcore Pawn returns to television for its sixth season, proving once again that while being a pawn shop owner looks like a difficult job, it’s certainly fun to watch. The premiere answers one of last season’s big questions: Is Rich out of the business after his confrontation with owner Les Gold? Watch and find out.

The premiere of Hardcore Pawn, which airs on July 10 at 9 p.m. (ET/PT), is packed with excitement, conflict and a few funny moments. And don’t forget all the characters that walk through the doors, looking to sell some odd items. One man wants to sell fortune-dispensing napkin holders. Another man wants to sell his custom truck painted bright green. Of course, some people just want to cause trouble, like the guy who harasses Ashley right in front of her father. In those moments, the Gold family – mainly Les and son, Seth – are quick to regulate, backed up by a handful of beefy security personnel.

Like all reality television, however, it’s hard to imagine why people would behave in this manner, knowing they were being filmed and that their ridiculousness would be broadcast to a national audience. Yet, in some ways, it doesn’t really matter since audiences can probably imagine some people in their own lives that mirror the people shown on the show. Furthermore, the featured customers who walk into the shop are really just foils for the Gold family, who are very charismatic. It’s fun to watch them shut down a mouthy patron or haggle on pricing. And for all the drama between them – manufactured for entertainment or not – the moments of real familial bond still shine through and are the most effective parts of the show by far.

While Hardcore Pawn still suffers from the familiar pitfalls that any reality show falls prey to, like edited reaction shots and conflicts that would result in a law suit or criminal charges if they had truly happened, audiences probably won’t mind. Reality is hard to capture just right at the exact moment it’s happening. For a show like Hardcore Pawn, the events that occur fell real enough that audiences can turn off their minds and just succumb to the entertainment.

Hardcore Pawn premieres on July 10 at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) on truTV.


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