I have no idea how to become a scab writer, but almost all my hits are coming from Google searches for “become a scab writer,” I thought I’d create this one post to try and catch them all.

Look, seriously, it’s probably a really bad idea to try and undermine the WGA like that. I understand where you’re coming from. You don’t have to explain it to me. You’ll do anything to get that writing credit because it’ll be your “in” for bigger and better things down the road. I get it.

Unfortunately, the strike won’t last forever and you’ll end up joining the WGA sooner or later. When you get asked about what shows you worked on and when, what are you gonna tell them? That you didn’t work on such and such a show during the time they were striking? If you’re not blacklisted on the spot, you’ll at least be instantly marked lousy. And as big as the industry is, word of mouth is still a powerful thing. So my advice is to sympathize with your fellow writers and support their cause instead of trying to capitalize off it.

Don’t sweat it. I had my moment of weakness too.

The best bet is to try to get and learn about the industry as much as possible find your “in” some other way. Build up your credibility by getting yourself published in a different medium. Work as a reader for an industry studio. Intern at an agency. Or do it the old fashioned way and query those agents. Of course, for now, you’ll have to wait until the writers can sort out this madness.