I wish I had more time and more talent

Not Enough Time in the Day

I’d like to think that I budget my time pretty well. I do, however, have days where I don’t feel “accomplished” at the end of them. Today is one of those days. Heck, it’s a quarter past 11 and I haven’t even showered yet. I can feel that thin layer of grime coating my skin. No good.

That’s not to say that I didn’t do a lot today. I got up early to move my car out into the front parking lot of my complex so that the windshield guys could come out and replace my windshield. A rock or some other flying debris struck my windshield on the freeway a few months ago. I didn’t think it did any damage, but apparently it nicked my window just below my right wiper. Then the heat rolled in with summer and a nice, jagged crack started stretching across. Windshield wipers must create some microscopic grooves across the window when they work because every crack I’ve ever had or seen on a windshield has always been in this arc that follows the swing of the wiper. Just FYI.

Anyway, that got done lickity-split and I was off to managing this site, which I did for most of the day. I took breaks to eat when my stomach annoyed me enough and took in a couple of movies — well, finished one movie and started another — while I ate. You can expect reviews soon. Anyway, I did things today. It’s just that I look around my apartment and see so much left to do, I feel like I didn’t do enough.

I guess that’s what tomorrow is for.

Do Talented People Work Less?

I wish I was more talented so that I could get things done faster. You don’t know how much I struggled getting that Body Art Expo article formatted correctly. At this very moment, I still don’t understand why certain styles aren’t being called from my stylesheet or are being overridden by other styles. I actually had to code the style at the element-level, which, to me, really mitigates the convenience of CSS.

Anyway, there’s still a lot to do at Working Author. The migration is moving slowly and I keep getting errors whenever I update a page, forcing me to continually reupload my htaccess file. There’s some kind of conflict with my Most Viewed plugin/widget. So if you ever notice my page stretching unusually long, check the footer to see if it’s broken.