George Lucas - Star Wars on Television

Star Wars fans can rejoice! Looks like George Lucas is bringing the Star Wars universe to television. Don’t expect to see any major characters from the films, however, since the plot is planned to focus on minor characters. Cameos by major characters has not been ruled out though. Supposedly, the show will be similar to Lucas’ Young Indiana Jones series.

This is just the sort of thing that SW fans need to continue the war with Star Trek fanboys. Still, I’m worried about how it’ll all turn out, considering that Lucas plans on writing the entire first season himself and then handing off the writing responsibilities to staff writers. I wasn’t too impressed with how the prequel trilogy turned out, writing-wise. In any event, this could eventually lead to more Star Wars films and even the possibility of Lucas opening up the license to independent writers.

When I watched The Lord of the Rings trilogy, I couldn’t help but think that that was how the Star Wars trilogy should have been treated: with respect. Now that Lucas is getting older, perhaps he will turn the mantel over to the throngs of rabid fans that maintain the original vision he seems to have lost.