Kill3rCombo Presents ‘Elsword’

One of the distinguishing aspects of manga comic books is how well the art conveys the action. Elsword takes that frenetic action right off the page and puts it into a new, exciting online side-scrolling action platformer! This anime-inspired game lets players take control of the adorable, yet deadly characters Elsword, Aisha and Rena — each with their own play style and powerful abilities. Use Elsword’s sharp blade for getting up close and personal. Rena’s bow will make quick work of enemies from afar. Or punish adversaries with Aisha’s devastating magic attacks.

Players will traverse dangerous locales, including dungeons, caves, forests and more. The visuals are stunningly realized and gamers will definitely feel like they’re playing a living comic book, complete with cel-shaded artwork and inspired moments when comic book frames dramatically wrap around the action. For players who want to test their abilities against other players, there’s also an exciting PvP mode.

Elsword introduces a unique gameplay style that extends a growing brand to a new legion of players,” said Ben Colayco, CEO of Kill3rCombo. “Each time they enter the world, fans will find new ways to experience Elsword‘s depth of adventure, story and action. We hope players will find the Japanese illustration style and heavy PvP action a perfect mix for our first game.”

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About Kill3rCombo

Based in Orange County, California, Kill3rCombo is a joint venture of Level Up! Games and KOG Studios with a mission to deliver multiplayer online action games to the North American market. Level Up! Games is the first and biggest online game publisher in both Brazil and the Philippines. KOG Studios is a leading game developer located in Deagu, South Korea creating popular titles including Grand Chase and Fighters Club. Kill3rCombo, which was founded in 2010, combines the development expertise of KOG Studios with the publishing prowess of Level Up! Games to introduce North American audiences to Elsword, a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game.