I had a small scare this morning when my site wouldn’t load. I figure it had to do with my domain renewals kicking in. The strange thing is that my domain provider called me at work to thank me. I had no idea they had my work information. Weird.

The other night I also met with the potential director for my short. My cousin, our video editor, the director, his wife and I all cruised over to Long Beach for some dinner while we talked shop. The place we wanted to go to was packed (since it was a Friday), so we slipped in to the sushi place next door. I really like this guy for the film. He’s knowledgeable, even tempered and, most of all, excited about the material. Enthusiasm carries a lot of favor with me. Anyway, my cousin and I are pretty set on him, but we’re still considering meeting with other people for other production roles, just to cover our bases. It’s exciting to see our little team coming together.

On a personal note, I’ve been feeling a slight surge in my will to write/blog. Expect to read more posts and reviews while I ride this wave for long as I can.