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Site Redesign: Phase 1

With as many times as I redesign Working Author, you’d probably think that I’m insane or have too much time on my hands. In reality, it’s probably a little bit of both, but also mixed in with a lot of perfectionistismness, too. I loved the old layout. I did. My only problems with it were that 1. It still felt a little too much like someone else’s work (which it was, since I just nabbed the template) and I wanted something I could call my own and 2. It wasn’t automated enough.

What I mean by the second one is that in order for the little posts to move around the site as they aged, I had to manually re-categorize them appropriately so that they popped up in the proper area when I posted something new. Since then, I’ve discovered some cool functions built-in to WordPress that moves the posts along for me. So basically, I can just write and the engine will do most of the tedious work afterward.

I also wanted a little more pizazz on the home page. So I looked at some sites around the net to see how they managed their media and I decided to follow GameSpot’s design, at least in the top area. My version isn’t nearly as cool as their’s is, especially since I haven’t resized my pictures and such, but I think mine is comparable, considering it’s just using a bit of javascript.

Anyway, since I’m teaching myself as I go, the site might break here and there. I’d appreciate it if you could let me know if you stumble on some bald spots. Well, that’s it for now. I’m not quite done, but I’ve been at it for hours now and I’m sure my eyes are bloodshot. I’m off to clean my apartment before the work-week ramps up in full force. Hopefully Phase 2 will begin sometime in the middle of the week. 🙂


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