‘Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures’ Starts ‘Skirmish on Carlac’

‘Skirmish on Carlac’ let’s you battle it out in the snow.
(Courtesy of Sony Online Entertainment)

The Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures universe just got a little bigger. Gamers can now take the fight to the snowy world of Carlac, where they can collect phat loot in terms of gear and housing items. Players will pit their wits and skills against a brutal MagnaGuard patrol, as well as breach the defenses and security of Death Watch mercenary training camps. Determined players will also get the chance to square off against Pre Vizsla to prevent a local village from being annihilated. In short, there’s plenty of exploration and action to look forward to.

This addition includes:

  • 8 New Collections
  • 2 New World Bosses (IG-113 Magnaguard, Death Watch Sergeant Kellov)
  • 4 New Instanced Missions (3 Death Watch Camps, 1 Captive Village)
  • New Enemy Types (Death Watch Mercenaries)
  • World Area = Same Size as Umbara
  • 680 Individual Active Enemies in World Zone
  • 877 Individual Active Enemies in Instanced Missions

Skirmish on Carlac is live at www.clonewarsadventures.com.