‘The Possession’ (2012) Dibbuk Documentary Featurette

  1. We went to see the possession yesterday. The movie is a good movie but here’s the thing about it when it says its true story don’t disregard that. It actually is. The movie depicts what the Jewish Rabbi would do in the event of a possession. The movie is completely different than what you have. I’m stopping here seen in the other type movies. I don’t mean the movie is not scary but it is lower tone of scariness.
    They spend more time on trying to get you to understand what this demon is and that there are demons out in world but it is coming from a Jew not a catholic priest. If you decide to go see the movie don’t think it doesn’t have scary parts. Listen to what the Rabbi is telling the parents about what is happening to their daughter and why the box is there.
    The Jewish people for a while there in Israel didn’t think demon possessions were not happening anymore. They just forgot about them like we do in ghost and bad spirits. That all changed when they had their first possession. Now they’re trying to let everyone know that demons do exist on this earth. In the movie they will show the footage of a real Jewish exorcism.
    When I was growing up and going to church they never taught about demons, spirits, or other demonic things. They would tell you about Jesus casting out demons out of the Bible but that was as far as they would go to Letting you know these demons are still out here. The demonic things have never left from Jesus time they are all around us they see us but we don’t see them. I am stopping here. Allot to write on.

  2. I just seen the movie! Love it from start till the end. Perfect I may say. This I believe… if u believe in God, then you better believe there is real evil… I didn’t say believe in evil. I say believe that there is and are evil spirits… If God is real so there should be real evil… take notice.. good and bad! Clean and dirty! High and low! And we live in between.

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