“What we have here is a failure to communicate.”

“Some men, you just-can’t-reach.”

Especially when they move, which is what I did, to a new county in fact. Got the address on my license updated and everything. Quick Tangent: While at the lightning-quick DMV, there was a very cute girl working one of the counters (14 I think). I thought that it would be really nice if I got helped by her. It was my birthday, after all. Then, three hours in, my number gets called and – lo and behold! – it’s 14! Crazier yet, the only reason I got Counter 14 was because some dude several numbers back fell asleep in his chair, waiting. It was meant to be. Anyway, I’m pouring on the charm, and just so you know, my version of charm is “utter transparency” so I just flat out tell her, “I’m glad I got you.”

Taken slighting aback, Counter 14 says, “Well, I am quite charming.”

I pause and genuinely smile, “I don’t disagree.”

So I’m just there to get my license updated so I probably have about one minute to make an impression here. So far, the ice breaker went well, but I needed to feel her out for more information to plan my next move. Unfortunately, the guy who fell asleep comes sauntering up behind me and is like, “Yeah, I fell asleep when you called me.” Counter 14 tells him to just stand there and she’ll be with him, but he doesn’t back up or anything. He literally just stands there, breathing down my neck. Needless to say, I watched helplessly as any chances of scoring Counter 14’s number dwindled away.

She finished up and directed me to the photo person, but as I left, feeling a little frustrated, Counter 14 called after me.

“I’m Alyssa, by the way.”

I turned and smiled. “I know. I read your thing,” I replied, pointing at some paperwork with her name written on it in big, curly girl writing. After I took my license picture, I slipped the photographer my business card to give to Alyssa. She never called.

I don’t blame her. If you saw the picture on my license, you wouldn’t call me either.

3, 2, 1…and we’re back!

So I got my address updated with the DMV and I thought that was like the master database for your address that all government agencies drew from. I guess I was wrong, because I got a “failure to appear” notice from the court, regarding my jury duty. Apparently, it’s still getting mailed to my parent’s place in another county. So now I have to go to the courthouse tomorrow and let them know what’s up.