Whitney Houston Still Disappointing OZ

When it was announced that Whitney Houston was making a comeback last year I was impressed and extremely hopeful for her. I actually have her performance of The Star-Spangled Banner downloaded because it’s that impressive. Then she started making radio appearances to promote her new single and it was a shame to hear how thrashed her voice was. The song also wasn’t that interesting in and of itself.

So now Houston is touring Australia and her opening concert in Brisbane was panned by concertgoers. Now her Sydney show is receiving just as bad of reviews.

From the Herald Sun

But when Houston returned to the stage after a 13-minute costume change it all went downhill.

Her acoustic set of old favourites unfortunately could not hide the very obvious problems with her voice, the strain and those coughs that punctuated the Brisbane show were back.

By the time she got to the gospel section of the show a steady stream of disappointed, saddened and angry fans started streaming out the doors.

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I think she should make as much as she can in this last go and then it might be time for Whitney Houston to hang it up.