‘X-Factor’ Comes to FOX, Simon Cowell Leaves ‘American Idol’

Looks like FOX just might have another ratings juggernaut in its lineup with the addition of X-Factor, which is a British import of the same name. Perpetual talent show judge Simon Cowell, who has been on the American Idol since the show debuted in 2002 will be leaving the show after his contract expires and will be a judge on the American version of X-Factor.

From The Live Feed:

Cowell admitted that Fox brass tried to find a way to have him do “X-Factor,” on which he serves as judge and executive producer, while continuing on “Idol.” But with commitments to his U.K. shows “X-Factor” and “Britain’s Got Talent,” on which he also serves as a judge, “when we looked at the practicality of it, I felt that was impossible,” he said.

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If you’re a fan of social networking then you’ve no doubt had an X-Factor video forwarded to you or posted on your page in some form. Who can forget the meteoric rise of Susan Boyle? The British show has a knack for presenting uplifting stories in addition to the talent. American Idol, on the other hand, is more popular because of all the mean-spirited audition segments. Let’s hope that the American version of X-Factor can capture the same mood as its British counterpart.