505 Games to Publish Biart’s ‘Deep Black’

“An Action-packed…immersive story that blends science-fiction, espionage and bio-terror.” Most would agree that this is a common, if not stereotypical combination of words probably resulting in a carbon copy of just about seventy percent of the gaming market. Prepare to bump that percentage way, way down, when you realize this game takes place…underwater! On July 8th, 2010, 505 Games announced its agreement to publish Russian developer Biart Studio LLC’s up and coming Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 title, Deep Black.

According to the press release, most of the game takes place “below the water’s surface” and features “realistic underwater physics…” and high tech equipment including “specialized underwater jetpacks with integrated harpoons.” Unless you can describe yourself as: weighing up to forty-one thousand kilograms, regularly hunted and used to create beauty products and bar soap and, most importantly, call yourself a sperm whale, you can’t deny your own fantasy of a world with underwater jetpacks with integrated harpoon guns. Overall, 505 Games’ Deep Black looks to be a promising aquatic adventure that is worth looking into around the first quarter of next year.