‘A Matter of Size’ Now Available on DVD

In 2009, Menemsha Films and directors Erez Tadmor and Sharon Maymon presented a story of self-acceptance set in one of the unlikeliest places and a surprising cast. That film was A Matter of Size, which featured overweight Israeli Jewish men who learned to love themselves through Japanese Sumo wrestling. This critically acclaimed, award-winning film is now on available on DVD!


When Herzl loses his job as a cook and starts working as a dishwasher in a Japanese restaurant in Ramle, he discovers the world of Sumo where large people are honored and appreciated. Through Kitano, the restaurant owner, a former Sumo coach in Japan, Herzl falls in love with the sport, finally finding a place where people like him can feel a sense of belonging.

In its review of the film, Working Author wrote:

The journey of Herzl and his friends will also inspire smiles and sympathy. The majority of people will relate to the characters’ concerns about body image, specifically weight issues. With society shaming people into fitting a certain physical mold, it’s refreshing to see people turn their “disadvantage” into something that empowers them. It’s also nice to see a film represent men as being self-conscious, too. Sure, it’s been done before in previous films, but it’s a truth not represented enough.

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