I know. I know. I should be blogging more. I should be blogging at least once a day, but I’ve already missed a couple. Between mandatory overtime at work and all of these after-work get togethers with friends and family, I’m not finding the time to hunker down and crank something out when I finally get home. With that said, let this post be a kind of road map of sorts for upcoming posts.

I’ll soon write on topics:

How the Business of Writing Seminar Turned Out

Being Safe as a Freelance Writer

Tips and Ideas for Increasing Blog Traffic

And whatever else comes to mind. Right now, it’s much later than I’d like it to be for a hardcore blogging session and I know I’ll just go to be frustrated if I have an unfinished blog hanging over my head. Just a couple of things to note before I head to Dream Land:

  1. Seems like someone has decided to walk their yappie dog at 11:30 p.m. right outside my window. Awesome.
  2. There are just a ton of crap blogs in the world.
  3. Looks like Daniel Day Lewis is putting out a new movie called There Will Be Blood. Looks like it’s about an oil tycoon.

The reason #3 is significant to me is because I find Daniel Day Lewis to be one of the most remarkable actors in the world, yet he doesn’t act very often. His performance in The Gangs of New York was nothing short of awe inspiring. Furthermore, apparently his character has a bit of dialog that those who know me well will tell you I relate to.

Courtesy of

Plainview: Are you an angry man? Are you envious? Do you get envious? I have a competition in me; I want no one else to succeed. I hate most people. There are times when I I look at people and I see nothing worth liking. I’ve built up my hatreds over the years little by little. I see the worst in people. I don’t need to look past seeing them to get all I need. I want to earn enough money I can get away from everyone. I can’t keep doing this on my own, with these… people.

Tell me that ain’t great writing!