‘BlackLight: Tango Down’ Available on Xbox Live Arcade

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On July 7th, Ignition Entertainment’s new release Blacklight: Tango Down became available for download on Xbox Live Arcade. The new first person shooter is unique and exciting because it offers a long list of features for a very low price. Included in the download are twelve multiplayer maps, seven game types, four co-op missions which support up to four players at a time and a nearly infinitely customizable set of weapons and gear for the price of fifteen dollars. The game is set in the near future, in 2035, and includes both modern weaponry and high-tech gadgets such as the HRV, or Hyper Reality Visor. The HRV is an imaging system that allows the player to gain real time information about the position of both enemies and friends in his or her Heads up Display. The weapons customization system allows players to tweak and customize their weapons choices to an extreme degree, making for highly adaptable and unique gameplay experiences.

Developed by Zombie Studios, Blacklight: Tango Down follows the story of an elite black ops team that is sent out to locate the missing Colonel Klien and his team of specialists: the Blacklight team. Tango Down is the first Blacklight title to be released and its creators are hoping to launch a popular franchise: a major motion picture from Twentieth Century Fox, a comic book series and a novelization are already in the works. It fills a fairly unique niche as far as setting goes: there are few gaming or action franchises right now focusing on this level of technology. The world of Blacklight is both our modern world and a science fiction world: players move through levels in Tango Down that feature familiar styles of architecture filled with high-tech, holographic advertising. At its low download price, Blacklight: Tango Down will likely attract a large number of players; especially teenagers and students who can’t afford to buy full price new releases on a regular basis and those who are hesitant about making a big investment for a brand new franchise.

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