Box Office Results Show ‘Avatar’ Still Leading

My friend Anthony D’Allesandro over at Variety tracks box office results and it looks like Avatar is still drawing audiences despite the post-holiday blues. Furthermore, it’s January, which is the month most movies arrive stillborn. I think only movie critics like myself brave the frigid nights and drive out to the studios and theaters to torture ourselves. We do it because for every thousandth Paul Blart there’s a Taken. It’s that singular joy of spotting Big Foot for a split second that drives us. In any event, here are Anthony’s findings, which you can read over at Variety:

At the onset of its fourth weekend, James Cameron’s 3D space epic took the No. 1 spot, generating a record Friday haul of $13.3 million for a film playing in the post New Year’s Day weekend holiday stretch. Last January’s “Gran Torino,” then in its fifth Friday, held the previous high with $9.6 million.

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