Caffeine Overload

My Saturday plans went straight to hell. After a couple of grueling weeks at work and a long hiatus from blogging I was looking forward to sitting down for a solid writing session. Unfortunately, distractions got the better of me and now I’m hopped up on so much caffeine it’ll be amazing if I sleep before sunrise. So, to redeem myself, I’m putting this post up and hopefully I can sleep – when it finally happens – not feeling too guilty for having wasted a day.

The biggest time-sink today was playing Crysis on my new computer rig. I know the game is pretty old, but now that I have a stable machine I can play it having it look the way it was meant to, with decent framerates to boot. Bioshock and Fallout 3 still crash like they did and where they did before, which is heartbreaking, but misery loves company and, if the respective game forums are to be believed, it’s comforting to know that thousands of others are experiencing the same issue. So I’m probably going to donate Bioshock to my father, who in his advancing age has become a video game junkie. How ironic it is that he should acquire the vice he chastised me for as a child.

So with most of my day gone and my twitch reflexes fried, I decided to hunker down and work on my Web site until the late evening when I would grab some Starbucks and blog. I’m trying to add a JavaScript to my homepage that will rotate the content of the five most recent posts and preload the images. Unfortunately, I can’t find a script that I can just plug in. So I resolved to just learn JavaScript outright. Even though it seems like a little overkill for such a small section, I figure having another Web development skill can only help me in the future.

In the middle of studying, my buddy Danny Boy called me because he was going to be in town to visit a friend. He lives in Burbank and I enjoy his company, so when he’s in town I try to make some time for him, so he picked up some Subway and I got some coffee. If I’ve never described him, just know that Danny is an Adonis. He’s cool and he’s down to earth, but he still has looks to kill for. I only mention this now, because I’m always impressed by the kind of access he gets to things just because of his amazing physique and facial construction. You know those good looking guys who get to date the top 10% of beautiful women while the rest of barely scratch the top 40%? Or, if you look like me, the bottom 5%? Danny Boy gets the top 1% without having to hone a magician’s patter or drive a nice car. He just has to look pretty. So it’s always a treat to live vicariously through him as he recounts his exploits with women who are Perfect 10’s. It’s even more delicious to hear him dismiss girls that are into him over reasons that any average man would endure forever without complaint just to be seen with this women.

Tonight Danny and I talked at length about some girl who found him online on some models Web site and struck up a conversation. We looked at her pictures and she’s pretty hot. I didn’t recognize her name, but that’s because it’s not the name I would recognize her by. I won’t name her here, but it turns out that she’s an ex-porn star. So he’s trying to make that work and we spent the majority of the night rehashing the relationship thus far, which has been short since this is a recent development. I counseled him to ensure that her expectations were lowered for the amateur model if and when the time comes since I’m sure she’s used to cervix-bruising tree trunks.

Danny Boy took off around midnight and I’ve been wasting time on YouTube ever since. It was until 1:45 a.m. that I looked down at the time and didn’t feel the least bit sleepy. My immediate problem is that I’ve been trying to be healthier lately, which means cutting out caffeinated drinks. This development has been going on for about two months now, which is probably long enough to get through the withdrawals and lower my tolerance for caffeine. So this sudden injection is definitely going to last a while and ruin my Sunday as well – just what I needed before I wade back into my day job on Monday.