Described as “an intelligent and entertaining look at the games industry through some of the brightest minds in the business” by famed game developer and co-founder of Firaxis Games, Sid Meier, looks to become the gamer’s destination for intelligent insight into the videogame industry. Broken into two parts, Gametheory is an online show and magazine with an industrial focus on video gaming. The site is hosted by industry expert, Scott Steinberg, who is an equally gifted writer and show host. According to the site’s “about” section, the site “…aims to leave audiences with as many questions as they answer, while also remaining casual, conversational and accessible to all.” Gametheory debuted recently and is already making great strides.

In its first video episode, Steinberg addresses the gaming industry’s recent need to reinvent itself. As he reveals:

“From social network games to motion controls, iPhone apps, 3D games and cloud computing, the modern gaming business isn’t just virtually unrecognizable. It’s also being completely reinvented courtesy of new concepts like digital distribution and free-to-play titles with each passing day.”

These problems are explored in the episode through an impressive cast of characters including: Trip Hawins (founder of EA), Lorne Lanning (Creator of Oddworld), Will Wright (Creator of Sim City and the Sims) and Peter Molyneux (Founder of Lionhead Studios.) The episode is well directed and elegantly keeps you informed without being bound by an exact opinion. Aside from the episode, the site also showcases excellent writing with its already extensive lineup of short to medium length articles. Although it is Scott Steinberg that asks where the video game industry is headed, it is that will bring the video game enthusiast to the most comprehensive and well-rounded conclusion.