Get Your Project Started with ‘The Crowdfunding Bible’

Author Scott Steinberg

Got a great idea for a new project? Worried that it’ll never get off the ground because of no starting capital? Every entrepreneur needs money to make money, and there’s plenty of it to be had for the person who knows where to look. Crowdfunding is the method of presenting a project idea or business plan to the public and allowing individuals to donate as much money as they want to help bring the project to life. Music albums, movies and video games have all used this method, and crowdfunding is quickly becoming a popular trend. Scott Steinberg shows you how to use crowdfunding effectively with his new book The Crowdfunding Bible.

This comprehensive guide will show readers how to maximize sites like Kickstarter, IndieGogo, RocketHub and more. Readers will enjoy a thorough step-by-step explanation on how to launch, market and operate a successful fundraising campaign. The Crowdfunding Bible will help any project stand out from the crowd.

“An exhaustive guidebook for crowdfunding beginners and veterans alike, The Crowdfunding Bible offers businesses, startups and creators an in-depth look at how to succeed with any project,” says Steinberg, a leading professional speaker and business consultant. “From assembling an attention-getting video pitch to building better rewards and garnering both fans and pledges, we’re pleased to offer a free resource designed to inspire tomorrow’s most visionary entrepreneurs and startups.”

Key Features Include:

  • Best Crowdfunding Sites and Services
  • Complete Guides: How to Start and Promote Any Project
  • Expert Tips: Crafting Killer Pitches, Rewards and Marketing Programs
  • Advice from Today’s Most Successful Creators and Campaigns
  • Handbooks to Building Powerful PR and Social Media Strategies
  • Key Lessons and Takeaways from Top Hits and Failures
  • Reviews and Post-Mortems: An Inside Look at the Business

The Crowdfunding Bible is available for free at