‘Modern Parent’s Guide’ Kids and Video Games Available Now

Technology moves pretty fast and unless parents can keep an eye on it, their children might be exposed to experiences they’re not ready for or should never experience. Smartphones, tablets, consoles, PCs and the unfiltered Internet offer easy access to video games, but what are they teaching kids and how are these lessons affecting them? Parents don’t always know and their children don’t always explain. Thankfully, there’s The Modern Parent’s Guide. Written by Scott Steinberg, who is an expert in business entertainment and consumer trends, this first volume to the guide focuses on Kids and Video Games and is free for download.

“Nearly every aspect of personal and professional life is influenced by technology today,” says Steinberg, creator of the new The Modern Parent’s Guide series of high-tech parenting books, free to download at (link). Studies show that children aged 2-5 are now more able to play video games or downloaded apps than tie their shoelaces and that over 75% of teenagers own cell phones. But with 62% of kids saying they’ve had a negative experience online, and a quarter of adolescents stating that parents know little or nothing about what they’re doing on the Internet, Steinberg cautions that more must be done to educate both parents and kids. “From iPads to Web-ready cell phones, we’re rushing to put technology in millions of hands without adequate education for life in a connected world,” he explains.

Author Scott Steinberg

The Modern Parent’s Guide to Kids and Video Games also features input from tech guru Johner Riehl and gaming expert Rusel DeMaria. This guide offers to arm parents with the tools necessary to mitigate the myriad apps and gadgets surround their children at every turn, and provides tips for keeping technology safe, fun and rewarding through three basic principles: education, communication and participation.

Look for more volumes as they become available, including:

The Modern Parent’s Guide to 

Internet, Web and Online Safety (July 2012)

Facebook and Social Networks (December 2012)

Smartphones and Apps (2013)

Digital Music, Movies and Entertainment (2013)


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