I-play Launches Artist Colony for the iPhone™ and iPod® Touch

I-play, Oberon Media’s publishing division and the world’s leading multi-platform casual games publisher, today announced the launch of Artist Colony for the iPhone™ and iPod® touch. Based on the successful PC franchise already downloaded by millions of players, this highly acclaimed story of love and betrayal will keep friends all over the country enthralled while allowing them to share their experiences by posting game achievements through Facebook.  By bringing this game from the PC to iPhone and iPod touch and offering social connectivity, Oberon reinforces its leadership role in delivering quality multi-platform content that maximizes the ability to leverage connected social features.

Fueled by love betrayal and creative genius, this game entices players to restore a thriving oasis of artists by rebuilding the community.   Players must attract new talent to the colony by renovating the gorgeous surroundings and inspiring artists, dancers, musicians and more to become masters of their craft.  Once inside the colony, players will create, perform and sell brilliant works of art to revive the ultimate creative sanctuary.

Artist Colony is the latest I-play game made more compelling by the integration of connected social features. Fans can now share their experience with their friends as they play through this masterpiece. As players complete the various challenges and receive awards they can share their accomplishments with their friends on Facebook. Players can also post messages when they sell a work of art, when a new artist has arrived or when artists fall in love with each other.

Artist Colony immerses and engages players with a gripping plot, stunning graphics, changing seasons and creative adventure.  Featuring 15 characters, each with unique personalities, preferences and creative talents, players strive to complete over 550 masterpieces in 12 picturesque locations.  In this time management sim game, players are required to delve into each character’s unique passions and emotions in order to guide them through relationships, jealousy and rejection.  As they uncover clues that reveal the history of the colony and the secrets behind its original founders, players will be captivated by the pieces that begin to come together in this gripping adventure with a dramatic twist of fate.

Artist Colony is available now on the iPhone and iPod touch for XXX.  To purchase, please visit: http://itunes.apple.com/app/artist-colony/id353162076?mt=8

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