I-play Launches ‘Buried in Time’ for PC

Casual PC gamers now have another excellent game to add to their collection. Buried in Time by I-play is an archeology simulation that offers players the chance to “unveil a passionate story of love and betrayal.

From the Press Release

Hundreds of years ago, tragedy befell a peaceful kingdom when a sacred jewel was lost and left Buried in Time.  Today, two young archaeologists arrive in search of the precious stone and the secrets behind the great city’s demise. Explore the valley as you build a team of up to 20 archaeologists, each with a unique skill set and role in helping to uncover the lost treasure. With a talented team at your disposal, solve challenging puzzles to unlock new areas while motivating the team by earning funding, maintaining the environment and upgrading your camp for survival.  Expose a passionate story of love and betrayal as you uncover ancient artifacts and clues leading you to the truth.  What will you find buried beneath the sand?

Buried in Time can be purchased from I-play immediately.

[youtube width=”448″ height=”366″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXIyxTPgTOg[/youtube]