‘JIM’ Sneak Preview Clip

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If you’ve seen the film Gattaca this clip will definitely remind you of the scene where Vincent’s parents visit their local geneticist and decide on the variables that go into making his younger brother Anton. It’ll be interesting to see if the rest of JIM turns out as well as Gattaca did.


Being steadily crushed under the weight of debt, unemployment, and increasing isolation, Jim reaches a breaking point. Over a game of solitary Russian roulette he contemplates an unspeakable act of violence as a way of leaving his mark. He is stopped short by a vision of his deceased wife who convinces him that he should instead focus his remaining resources into an act of creation. Armed with his wife’s frozen eggs and a new resolve, Jim secures the services of a large biotech firm to help him create an heir who will be engineered to overcome the obstacles of common men.

Meanwhile in the distant future Niskaa, the leader of a group of genetically modified beings, controls a race of worker clones in a super-industrialized, post-human Earth.  As he tries to restore his decrepit empire he comes face to face with a young clone that shows an unprecedented capacity for reason and empathy.  Somehow connected to Jim via dreams, the clone manifests secrets of nature that Niskaa has not accounted for…

Find out more about JIM at: http://www.jimthefilm.com/

JIM opens in theaters on October 8 in New York and October 15 in Los Angeles followed by a nationwide release.

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