Konami’s ‘PES 2012’ Offers Teammate Control

In almost any environment, more control means a better user experience — especially in video games. Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. understands this concept and is implementing it in groundbreaking ways in the upcoming football game Pro Evolution Soccer 2012. With the innovative Teammate Control system, players will have complete control over secondary players as well as the ball runner. The result will be amazing, lifelike coordination between on-field players.

KONAMI has previously outlined an all-new player select system wherein any player can be targeted and controlled as a set piece is taken, but the new system will give PES 2012 players total freedom in all areas. The Teammate Control system works in two ways, with users pressing the right analogue stick in the direction of the player they wish to control. The Assisted mode allows the user to activate a second player by depressing the R3 button, and allows users to get to grips with the greater level of control via effective running movements. Greater control is offered by the Manual mode, wherein the user has complete freedom of movement of the second player, and can make shuttle runs, find space, and shake off markers before calling for the pass from the player still with the ball. The player will then revert to computer control when the R3 button is released, and can also be used to override any AI runs the player wants to cancel. Both can be affected at any time, so players can make moves without waiting for a pass to be completed.

Players will also enjoy several enhancements to the game’s artificial intelligence. The Active AI allows players to track attackers while maintaining the team shape. One-on-one confrontations will feel more realistic as players try to win the ball with jostles and upper body feints.

Other additions to PES 2012 include a reworked penalty feature, placing the camera behind the taker and giving the player the ability to decide on position, power and placement of the kick. Shooting has also been fine tuned to take into account player attributes, timing, pace of the ball and a host of other variables to produce more accurate shots. Shot feints returns to PES 2012 to keep goalies on their toes.

Player reaction times have also been pared down and turning speed has been streamlined for snappier gameplay. Improved animation and alterations to player hit-box detection have shaved off three frames, allowing players to react faster to fluid situations. Additionally, players still maintain control after losing possession of the ball.

Challenge Training returns in PES 2012, allowing players to refine skills for their main game. Players will participate in drills to strengthen attacking and defending skills as well as dribbling and shooting abilities.

“The addition of Teammate Control is something we have been working on for a while now, and we are delighted that it will make its debut in PES 2012,” commented Jon Murphy, European PES Team Leader for Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH. “We have been building to create a control system that truly lets the player do whatever they like on field, and the ability to manually control a second player while simultaneously running with the ball opens all kinds of attacking options. Coupled with the Active AI advancements that ensure supporting players make shuttle run and find space, and I think we have made a huge step towards producing the most advanced football title to date.”

“This is the start of a major new era for PES,” added Murphy. “In the coming weeks we will detail more on how the ever-popular Master League has evolved, and will be unveiling the new face of the series. With PES moving ever upwards, it is time for an equally high profile and skilled cover star. The new player has all the attributes of the new game, in that he is a strong all-rounder, skillful, fast, and capable of making magic happen on-field. We have had a wonderful time working so closely with Lionel Messi and thank him for his efforts and support, and will reveal who will be the face of PES 2012 very, very soon.”

Check back for more information as soon as it becomes available.