Lady Gaga and Platform Boots

Lady Gaga was captured by the paparazzi walking through London’s Heathrow Airport last Wednesday, June 23, in a pretty standard Gaga ensemble – black top, black chaps, black train, black underwear, black bandana wrapped around her forehead. What made her outfit stand out was the pair of black twelve-inch heel-less platforms that rivaled any footwear in Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2010 collection (NSFW towards beginning of video). Known for her music and her outspokenness via choice of outerwear, there’s not much else to say aside from the obvious – “Go ‘head, girl”, and “What were you expecting?”.

Love it or hate it, Lady Gaga is a contending front-runner in the realm of interesting (euphemism) outfits in the pop culture genre. She has expressed on more than one occasion how much she loves fashion, and a lot of her choices are designed to be photographed from many angles, either on the red carpet, while onstage, or captured in a music video. However, it appears that her idea of casual attire is, well, not really functional in normal circumstances.

That’s not to say that she needs to buy a pair of Levis and a baby pink tank top and join the masses in a relative lack of originality. Rather – in the true spirit of fashion, really – it is to say that avoiding all inadvertent attempts at casual is a good place to start. For example, leaving the lace lingerie for the boudoir, not for a day at the ball park. That is to say, while one can admire that you have at least two pairs of  twelve-inch platforms that we know of – in black and in white – maybe they’re not the best to walk around in public. More importantly, you don’t have to prove that you can walk in them if you fell down the first time.

If anything, her sense of style has influenced other starlets of the pop genre to emulate her (Rihanna, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus being few of the plenty), which really is recycled itself. How many more starlets will have to fall until the point becomes clear? Pain is beauty, we understand that much. What it comes down to is this: Gaga, you don’t have to impress us any more than you have already. There is much, much freedom contained within the word “no”. There is even more within the saying “six-inch heels”.

Be a rebel. Return to normalcy. It’s not so bad a place to be. Were you really ever there, though?