Launch of TRIA Beauty Blue Lounge

For those of you who go to great lengths to maintain your good looks, you may recognize TRIA Beauty by their former name SpectraGenics. New branding aside, this company still focuses on offering the very best in light-based skincare products. In 2008, TRIA Beauty introduced an industry-first laser hair removal system that has been approved by the FDA for at home use. Now, in 2010, TRIA Beauty looks to shake up the world of beauty once again with a clear skin system utilizing FDA approved therapeutic blue light technology. To showcase their latest revolutionary product, TRIA Beauty created a Blue Lounge Pop-Up Boutique on Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Giuliana Rancic – wife of Apprentice Bill Rancic – hosted the evening and she floated around the event, mingling with celebrity guests and fans. Rancic was spotted with Kelly Bensimon as they chatted and shared beauty tips. Of course the event wasn’t all rest and relaxation; Giuliana Rancic made sure to work the guests at the TRIA Beauty Blue Lounge as she searched for a “New York Party Guy” who would be the east coast counterpart to E!’s Hollywood Party Girl. Rancic was spotted with a potential recruit and she asked him for his contact information before he left.

Celebrity Sightings Included: Devorah Rose, Nole Marin, Smantha Swetra, Cory Kennedy, Paz de la Huerta, Mia Moretti, Caitlin Moe, Erika Vetrini, David Foote and Sky Nellor.

Unfortunately, Bill Rancic never made it to the event. Additionally, Giuliana Rancic denied being pregnant, but she curiously didn’t have any alcohol either.