‘Looper’ Gets Distribution

Be on the lookout for a new film by Rian Johnson called Looper, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, and Emily Blunt. Film District is teaming up with Tri Star and Endgame Entertainment to bring this exciting film to theaters.

Looper is our second collaboration with Rian and Ram and it’s truly been a thrilling ride,” stated Endgame Entertainment CEO James D. Stern. “We look forward to continuing the journey with Sony and Peter in delivering this commercial thriller to audiences everywhere.”

Peter Schlessel, CEO of FilmDistrict said: “We have been chasing Looper for six months and it is something my entire team agreed would be a great film for us to distribute.  The fact that our friends at Sony feel the same makes it even more exciting.”

Looper stars Gordon-Levitt as a hit man working for the mob of the future. Known as a “Looper”, he’s in charge of eliminating targets that are sent from the future. Things go awry when he recognizes one of the marks as his future self, played by Bruce Willis, who escapes.

Check back for more information when it becomes available!