Obligatory Post

Wow, that last post has been up for a while! Heck, I’m getting sick of seeing it there myself. Things have just been a little hectic for me. That and I’ve been allowing myself to be distracted by video games. I think I like them so much because they are instantly gratifying, unlike writing, which can take forever before I’m satisfied with the finished product.

Current Projects: Update 3

Unfortunately, I’m still working on my sysnopsis for the Quadrilogy project. I’m trying to keep within three pages, but there’s a lot going on in the script and it’s difficult to be concise without laying down the foundation for the different beats. I should have it done this week. To be honest, I feel kind of bad for the delay. All this time I’ve been bitching about how no one’s going to discover me and here I’m presented with an opportunity to do something about that and I’m dragging my feet. I remember when I first started out writing the screenplay. I’d come home from an 8-hour day job and work another 8 hours on the script. And I was happy to do so! I think it’s because I wasn’t too happy with my job at the time. I was grateful for the work, but it wasn’t the career I wanted, you know? When it comes down to it, being uncomfortable is the ultimate motivator.

No Movement on Joel Silver

On a related note, Joel Silver never contacted me. Someone searching for Joel Silver ended up on my site the other day and browsed through several blog entries and written works, finally ending on my Contact page, but he/she never emailed me. The IP address was located in Los Angeles, but didn’t come from Silver Pictures. I did have someone from Google search for Beowulf, however, and that’s a company I’d love to work for!

Work, Writing, Etc.

Work is going well. They’ve promoted me to a full-fledged copywriter, dropping the superfluous “Jr” from the end of my title, which I feel was long overdue since we didn’t have a copywriter above me. We’re preparing to shoot a couple of product videos and we’ll no doubt need some voice talent. I spent this weekend with my friend Megan and her boyfriend, recording a short demo CD for the Vice President of the company to approve. I know I can’t compete with most professional voiceover artists, but the company would be saving over a grand if they chose me to be the voice of the company. I’ll post the recordings after I get an answer.

Not much going on in the way of writing, which should be obvious since I have updated my blog in two weeks. I am, however, refocusing my efforts and get back into the mindset of working after work on my writing career.

Site Updates

Took out a bunch of ads on the right sidebar. They weren’t converting clicks anyway. I don’t think I have the traffic to make those ads viable just yet. I’ll post more changes soon.