Shockwave Pumps Up Flash-Based Games with “Virtual Goods”

If you have ever spent time working in an office, school computer lab, or any workplace that was inadequately supervised, you most likely have an appreciation for flash-based Internet games. They’re fun, they’re addictive, and they keep you away from all of the hard work you’re supposed to be doing. Recently, Shockwave, founders of “the world’s original casual gaming destination,”, a division of the Nickelodeon Kids and Family Games Group, announced the launch of an online store for their site called “virtual goods.”

The store looks to provide “…a new layer of gameplay, allowing players to purchase items to boost performance and personalize gameplay across a range of Shockwave’s free online games.” Which, in a nutshell, is the same sort of downloadable content you would find on next-generation gaming consoles and computers. New levels, customizable options for in-game characters, and other miscellaneous enhancements are purchased with “Shockwave Cash” a la Microsoft Points on Xbox Live. Also in a similar fashion to next-generation consoles, has come to provide an achievement system, which provides the player token and trophy style awards. Thus far, only three titles take advantage of the “virtual goods,” Hungry Hungry Hippy, Let’s Get Grillin’ and Sara’s Super Spa Me, all of which were recently created to do so. Although a recession in America might mean fewer jobs, with over 10 million people playing games on each year, one has to believe the site’s new “virtual goods” will provide the workforce still-withstanding more opportunities to make the daily grind a little more enjoyable.